Why you should be photographing icicles on your roof

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18 February 2014


Why should you be taking photos of long icicles on your roof now? The short answer is to show them to your licensed & insured contractor, roofer or insulation company.

Last week I shared a near 77 inch icicle coming off a gutter on my home (here). What I didn’t address in the article is that is the corner of my brand new kitchen. I allocated major dollars to ensure the walls were insulted to Canada A and B standards (purple 2 inch foam for the technical folks, code for wickedly cold for the lay person) and to R60 in the attic. Really, this is above and beyond but once I pay for the heat, I want it staying in my home.

What have I learned from the icicle? The icicle shows me that the company that blew in insulation in my attic above the kitchen near the roof line missed spot. Does it happen? Absolutely! Does it need to be fixed? Absolutely!

Why does it need to be fixed? When you have long or thick icicles, it is telling you that the pattern of freeze and thaw/melt cycles are occurring in a manner that the excess water can not escape. Left untreated you’ll have water running into your home behind the sheetrock or plaster or into a window if the icicles are above windows. This is commonly referred to as ice damns. Heat is escaping upwards to the roof line thawing the ice, sun is beating from above and what seems like small amounts of what have nowhere to go, except in your home. What seems like a small amount of water will look huge when it is pouring in you house!

How can you best show where you think it is missed? Giving your contractor/roofer/insulation company a photo of the issue, doing your best to show the exact spot and amount of hanging ice.

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