Why spray for ticks in the summer?

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11 July 2013

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It’s general knowledge that Lyme Disease originated in Lyme, Connecticut. Did you also know that Fairfield county ranks second in the state for cases of reported Lyme Disease?

It’s common knowledge that spring is the highest bite risk as nymphs seek blood meals to turn into adults. Why then in summer are people spraying their properties for ticks?

Re-entry. When your property is sprayed in spring it is seeking to kill babies and adults, but you have constant re-entry. Deer have ticks. Chipmunks have ticks. Mice have ticks.

Late summer is when mice are active and playful and nest building activity is high. It’s estimated that one acre of property will have 18 mice on it. If each mouse has 10-20 ticks, that translates into 30,000 ticks crossing your property via mice alone in summer season (120 days-July-September).

Mid and late summer means your flowers are in full bloom and deer love flowers! At 500 ticks per deer (200 lb deer) that means a lot of tick habitat is being brought onto your property!

While bring your family fido to the park and on nature walks is a nice idea to give him/her some exercise, check them thoroughly for ticks when coming home. Ticks do not travel move that 1 foot without a host. If you find them in your home, a pet is the natural starting point.

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  1. Thanks for your comment about how spraying for ticks is beneficial because it can help prevent Lyme disease. I like how you said that they travel on animals like deer. My husband and I have kids that love playing outside and going camping with us, so we are looking into tick spraying for our lawn so that we can all be kept safe.

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