What’s the Organic Fix for Tomato Worms?

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8 May 2013

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Last week I wrote about cucumber beetles and stated that everything has a natural enemy and a natural friend.

The friend of the tomato plant is basil. Interesting enough what a great pair in cuisine they make!

Tomatoes will often get “Tomato horn worms” on them despite being planted next to basil although in my experience the more basil, the more bees and wasps and the less worms occur naturally.

If you find yourself in the position this summer of having gorgeous bulging green fruits on the plants waiting to ripen yet see the gross worms which are often tough to see but you’ll know they are there as a result of eaten leaves and partially eaten green tomatoes. Typically the Braconid Wasps will lay white eggs (in photo), hatch and then eat the horn worm for food. If this doesn’t occur naturally and you find yourself wanting a solution, avoid pesticides and google where to order Braconid Wasps in cocoons. They are readily available for about $30 per 20 cocoons and stay in your garden area year after year. It’s a one time investment for a tomato lover!

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