Top Tips for Getting the Best Snow Plow Job

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18 March 2013

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The best way to get prompt, effective snow plow service:

#1  Be current on your bill: Just as an electric company would turn off your service, the same is to be expected of your plow company. If you are more than 30 days past due, call and let them know that you’ll have payment waiting for them when they visit you.

#2  Hire licensed and insured companies: Is it really worth it to save $10-25 on your driveway plow bill by not using a licensed and insured company to find out later that you are a new pothole or yard damage which is now not covered? Hire licensed and insured companies only. Real companies have real business phones and emails ending with their company name, not free services such as or

#3  Leave on as many exterior lights as possible: Leaving exterior lights on particularly overnight and early morning when most plow drivers will come service your property is helpful as it cuts down on snow glare and improves visibility.

#4  Clearly marked the area to be serviced: Mark the area to be plowed with stakes at least 36 inches tall that have reflective tape on them. The better the driver can see, the better job you will get.

#5  Today shouldn’t be the 1st day: The day of the snow storm should not be the first time that the plow driver sees your property. Professional drivers want to see what they are plowing, photograph it and refer to their photo book during a storm.

Be realistic with your expectations, a snow plow will never do the same job as a hand shoveled driveway. it is designed to get you out of the drive and 90% of the job done. There will always be some amount of hand shoveling or snow blower work required to neaten edges and walkways.

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