Time to Prepare for Hurricane Season

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15 July 2013


It’s hard to believe while it’s 90+ degrees and sticky outside that we need to think about being prepared for hurricane season. Are you the neighbor that is prepared? or are you depending on others? Go through the below checklist and find out!

  1. How will you know a hurricane is coming? Do you follow WXedge on Twitter? The National Hurricane Center? Your favorite local TV station?
  2. Do you have a 5 day supply of food that does NOT need to be prepared? Water? Trial mix? Dried fruits? Tuna fish and a manual can opener? What are you & your family going to be eating in the event that natural gas, propane and electricity are unavailable at your home and you can not cook?
  3. Nearly impossible to think about in mid-July but how will you stay warm? Do you have a fireplace? If yes, where do you keep your dry supply of wood? Is your fireplace safe to use? Have it cleaned in summer means you’re ready to go come fall. Fires not only keep you warm but they are an excellent source of light come nightfall.
  4. If your home becomes unsafe-where are you going? Do you know the nearest shelter? Do you have a plan in place with a friend in the neighboring town?
  5. If your home becomes unsafe-where are your pets going to go? Do you know the nearest animal shelter? Is it a cat that can be rerouted upstairs with a few days supply of water & food?
  6. What’s the plan should you lose power? Enough batteries? Enough glow sticks (my personal favorite to hang from the ceiling around the house at night)? Using a generator-have you done the monthly test? Did you stock enough gasoline?
  7. What is your water supply situation? If you’re on well water like me, this is not fun! No drinking water or water to flush toilets-make sure you save a few large laundry bottles from the recycle bin to fill up pre-storm for toilets, fill the bathtub and have ample drinking water on hand (64oz per person for 5 days)
  8. How will you stay up to date if you lose internet and TV? Do you have a battery powered radio? Are you planning to rely on your smart phone? how will that stay powered?
  9. Do you have a “go bag”? A go bag is what you’d grab as you are literally going out the door should you nee to leave. 5 days of clothes and medicine are the recommendations from the government.
  10. Not listed on any government or local website, plan some entertainment, set aside a craft box, playing cards and some books to keep the kids busy, time really does fly when you are engaged!

All food for thought from federal and local agencies on how to keep your family in place and be safe. Shelter, drinking water, dry spot (heat in winter), food and required medications are all life essentials during storms.

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