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23 April 2013

Dandelion 101

Although this weed is considered particularly annoying, did you know: In the 1800’s people would pull grass out to allow more room for weeds in their yards such as dandelion? Dandelions have the longest flowering season of any flower While open in the day, dandelions close at night Every part of the dandelion can be […]

19 April 2013
Flowers and Plants

What’s 35 years old & has 600,001 daffodils in 1 place?

Mark your calendars and set aside time to make the drive to the Annual Meriden Daffodil Festival right in Meriden, Connecticut! This year marks 35 years! April 27 & 28 (I hate when people tell me that day, here’s your advance notice!) the event begins at 10am. There’s: Food Music on 3 stages Free parking […]

15 April 2013

Rubber Playground Chips & Alternatives

‘Tis the season to refresh the playground. Thoughts on rubber mulch and why to use an alternative: #1 The smell! For about the first year, it’s intolerable! Is breathing in rubber stench I mean smell the best we can give our children’s lungs? #2 Here is a list of what a typical tire is made […]

GreenSprays Helps Get Rid of Pests Organically

Spring has sprung. Many look forward to the warmer weather in store even if it means mosquitoes and other nuisance pests will return with it. Founded in 2012, a Fairfield County-based company seeks to help homeowners rid themselves of those pests on their properties while helping turn their lawns into something of which to be […]

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