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19 September 2013
Flowers and Plants

All About Mums

Who can resist picking up a new plant or two when they visit a farm stand or even the big box stores? Who doesn’t enjoy getting a new plant as a gift when friends or family come to visit? Whether you prefer blooms of deep red, orange, yellow, white and purple, mums are an excellent […]

11 June 2013
Flowers and Plants

How to: Grow Your Own Herbs

I secretly dream that one day not only is Ina Garten going to invite me for lunch (Ina if you’re reading this, I’m up for the drive!) but that I’ll get invited to walk through her amazing herb garden. Ina was my inspiration when I began my massive herb garden four years ago. While reading […]

9 May 2013

Rain & Rain Barrels?

What exactly are rain barrels? How do you use them? Do they really have benefits? Let’s break it down! Rain barrels are large containers which traditionally are approximately 50 gallons or the standard industrial size of a drum. Prior to plastic mold injection machines rain barrels where salvaged out of industrial containers. Thumbs up for […]

7 May 2013

GreenSprays™ on News 12

5 May 2013
Flowers and Plants

An Organic Fix for Cucumber Beetles?

Cucumber are one of the things that all gardeners love to grow! Why? They are relatively easy and vines are fun to train on various garden ornaments. Check Pinterest to see amazing ways people have trained vegetable vines! Everyone is looking for organic solutions, asking how did vegetables survive before we had technical materials meaning […]

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