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18 February 2014

Why you should be photographing icicles on your roof

Why should you be taking photos of long icicles on your roof now? The short answer is to show them to your licensed & insured contractor, roofer or insulation company. Last week I shared a near 77 inch icicle coming off a gutter on my home (here). What I didn’t address in the article is […]

16 February 2014

Is there really a salt shortage?

Something new for everyone to panic about? There’s a salt shortage? Um…not exactly! Everyone in the private plow business knew the announcement Thursday from Gov. Malloy was coming about the salt shortage…but here’s where it was misleading (NOTE: this is not a political commentary): *Yes, as he stated salt is a commodity but so is […]

30 January 2014

Can Your Tears Really Freeze?

My twins asked me if tears could really freeze in this Arctic cold blast that we’ve been suffering through, and I do meaning suffering! The answer is yes, but only at 30 – 40 degrees BELOW zero. In theory, your cheeks (about 98.6 degrees) would need to begin to freeze to slow down the droplets […]

18 March 2013

Top Tips for Getting the Best Snow Plow Job

The best way to get prompt, effective snow plow service: #1  Be current on your bill: Just as an electric company would turn off your service, the same is to be expected of your plow company. If you are more than 30 days past due, call and let them know that you’ll have payment waiting […]

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