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3 April 2013

How to Protect Fido from Ticks

What does the typical pet owner place down their pets back on a monthly basis? A product called Frontline Top Spot is a highly recommended product by some veterinarians and not by others. What makes one veterinarian prescribe Frontline and another tell the pet owners to have their yards sprayed. Here’s the break down from […]

5 March 2013

Organic Connecticut Made Pesticides from GreenSprays

A new organic lawn service – GreenSprays – has come a long way in just nine months. The service has moved into shared warehouse spaced in Milford, Connecticut part of the founder Stacy Skoldberg’s commitment to doing everything green and local. “We picked our new warehouse space for it’s easy access to I-95, proximity to […]

19 November 2012
Lawn Care

Are organic pesticides worth the additional cost? (YES!)

Last week I wrote about Autumn being the single most important time of year to spray for ticks. In that blog I promised I’d address this week what the difference is between traditional (laboratory created) chemical pesticides versus organic. Most people buy milk and I’m going to use that as my baseline. One gallon of […]

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