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11 July 2013

Why spray for ticks in the summer?

It’s general knowledge that Lyme Disease originated in Lyme, Connecticut. Did you also know that Fairfield county ranks second in the state for cases of reported Lyme Disease? It’s common knowledge that spring is the highest bite risk as nymphs seek blood meals to turn into adults. Why then in summer are people spraying their […]

13 June 2013

Mosquito Bites That Itch

A few days I wrote saying 2013 was the year of the mosquito and with this unbelievable rain surplus we now have (remember how upset we all were with a drought?), no signs of it dying down anytime soon! We chatted about how to rid your yard of the buggers, now what exactly can we […]

11 June 2013

2013: Year of the Mosquitoes

All the rain that we’ve been having combined with high humidity days makes for happy mosquitoes! The baseline to understanding the bug and what can and cannot be done: #1 Understand that mosquito eradication does not exist. Anyone promising to eliminate all mosquitoes is lying. The EPA had proposed to eliminate the use of temephos in […]

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