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3 July 2013

Lawn Turning Red?

You’ve… Watered = check Used sharp blades to cut your turf = check Set your mower deck to 3 inches = check Not cutting off more than 1/3 of the blade when you mow = check Fertilizing = check (more below) And you still have an odd thing happening in your lawn where it seems […]

5 March 2013

Organic Connecticut Made Pesticides from GreenSprays

A new organic lawn service – GreenSprays – has come a long way in just nine months. The service has moved into shared warehouse spaced in Milford, Connecticut part of the founder Stacy Skoldberg’s commitment to doing everything green and local. “We picked our new warehouse space for it’s easy access to I-95, proximity to […]

19 February 2013

Take time to refresh the soil of your indoor plants

Now is actually a good time to start thinking about your potting soil for healthy plants this spring. There are two types of flowers: annuals and perennials. Annuals are planted every year typically in the spring or early summer and will only last for the season meaning you will not get more than one season […]

6 December 2012

Tips to Keep Deer Away

Leaves are falling off of the deciduous trees and food is becoming more spare for the deer. Instead of feasting in the woods it draws them onto people’s properties to forage for food. Well cared for and fertilized plants are prime food for deer, think filet mignon with a nice cognac sauce. Did you know […]

20 November 2012

What’s Fall Fertilizer?

The summer is over, you are raking leaves or having them blown as storms continue to hit, and you’re winding down your lawn program for the year. You are getting close to cleaning and stowing the yard tools but there is a final application that your lawn needs this season. October and November are the […]

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