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19 September 2013
Flowers and Plants

All About Mums

Who can resist picking up a new plant or two when they visit a farm stand or even the big box stores? Who doesn’t enjoy getting a new plant as a gift when friends or family come to visit? Whether you prefer blooms of deep red, orange, yellow, white and purple, mums are an excellent […]

17 April 2013

Let’s Talk Trees: Trees 101

Did you ever wonder what it took to get a tree from point A to B? What did that tree go through to get to the store that you are buying it from? What’s its survival chance? Think you have a black thumb? Or were you handicapped through your purchase and you really have a […]

26 March 2013
Compost Tea

Save the White Pines & Other Damaged Trees

Many news outlets today did stories about the white pines and that people feel as if they have lost old trees. While as arborists we might agree that some trees cannot be saved, those trees are very far and few between. Droves of white pines that boarder the coastline in Westport have been saved by Compost […]

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