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26 March 2013
Compost Tea

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Many news outlets today did stories about the white pines and that people feel as if they have lost old trees. While as arborists we might agree that some trees cannot be saved, those trees are very far and few between. Droves of white pines that boarder the coastline in Westport have been saved by Compost Tea sprays.

How is compost tea made and what is it?  Compost tea often sounds like a simple thing to create however the process itself is quite complex. The microorganisms are put into water and then nutrients or foods for the microorganisms is added to allow the bacteria and fungi to multiply rapidly. Air is sent through the water to keep the water oxygenated, as this favors the beneficial bacteria and fungi over the pathogens (ex.-e coli). At the end of the brewing cycle, what you have is a concentrated liquid full of billions of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes) that can then be sprayed directly onto the leaf surface. This puts the “good” biology where the plant needs it to protect itself. It keeps the plant healthier and helps it to fight off potential diseases. The “good” biology occupies the infection sites on the leaf surface and is held there by simple sugars that the plant puts out (exidates) that work as a glue to keep the beneficial microorganisms thriving and protecting the plant.

Compost Tea Sprays are typically sprayed 2 times per year on a healthy lawn and trees up to 6 times a year on recovering or injured lawns and trees.

Every region has their own key nutrient required for that region’s soil and for this reason you want a locally made compost tea. If you live in Connecticut, buy Connecticut made not Wyoming made compost tea, they have different good bacteria then we do here.

To read more about locally made organic pesticides read here.

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