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5 March 2013

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A new organic lawn service – GreenSprays – has come a long way in just nine months. The service has moved into shared warehouse spaced in Milford, Connecticut part of the founder Stacy Skoldberg’s commitment to doing everything green and local.

“We picked our new warehouse space for it’s easy access to I-95, proximity to repair and fuel stations and the ability to share space based on seasonal demand with two other local companies”

Skoldberg founded GreenSprays in 2012 after her daughter Isabelle, one of a pair of twins, suffered from a lung disease which required hospitalization. Burdened with breathing treatments every 2 hours, Skoldberg sought out alternatives. A Yale pediatric nutritionist turned her onto the idea of going organic both inside and outside of her home to reduce irritants.

“He said, if you take away man-made products and go back to basics, I think your daughter is going to outgrow this,” says Skoldberg. “As I strictly followed that, my daughter was off of all medication in 18 months and off a transplant list.”

When it came to getting the back yard of her new house under control, Skoldberg didn’t want to compromise. When she bought the house, the grass hadn’t been cut for twelve years and much of the yard had been swallowed up by woods. “I even had a fox living back there,” she says.

She teamed up with Frank Clancy, a licensed arborist and pesticide applicator with 20 years of experience who has been nicknamed “the Lorax” in the media to find a solution. They worked together with chemists to find an organic alternative. After years of research and testing, GreenSprays was born.

GreenSprays is an organic and natural based plant health care company specializing in organic tick sprays and no film deer repellents. No cancer causing chemicals that stay on your shoes for years are going to force you off your lawn for 24 hours when organic products are kid and pet safe. You can walk on your lawn in 15 minutes of an organic sprays. Core services include organic fertilizer, organic compost tea, organic mosquito & bug sprays, natural geese repellents, grub treatments, tree work and weed control.

“We started with a small customer base including a lot of referrals from mother’s groups of autistic children and word spread,” says Skoldberg. If a neighbor stops Clancy during a spray to ask what he’s doing, he’ll put them on the phone with Skoldberg. As a result, the organic spray business has grown organically.

Since June 2012, when GreenSprays offically launched, they have added hundreds of customers. She comes from a family of small business owners, “it came naturally to me to be an entrepreneur,” she says.

In the end, Skoldberg says, it’s all about neighbors and serving the community. GreenSprays purchases and outsources the majority of their products in Connetcicut (over 90%) and never outside the US. Their vehicles are American made and back office operations are all local. They give back a portion of their product cost to the wounded warrior fund each year. Born and raised in a small Connecticut town, Skoldberg and Clancy attended the same elementary school and go to great lengths to ensure children and community remains a focus. In 2013 they are sponsoring 3 little league teams.

“99% of your purchasing power is someone’s attitude in how they treat you,” she says. “When you go with us, the co-owner of the company is actually on your property spraying it. When you call the office, the other owner is talking to you. And we’ll do whatever we can to make you happy.”

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  1. Ron Harris says:

    I live in Killingworth ct on 2.4 acres and have 4 dogs, ticks are always a problem. Is this an AFFORDABLE solution?

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