How to Protect Fido from Ticks

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3 April 2013

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What does the typical pet owner place down their pets back on a monthly basis? A product called Frontline Top Spot is a highly recommended product by some veterinarians and not by others. What makes one veterinarian prescribe Frontline and another tell the pet owners to have their yards sprayed. Here’s the break down from the chemical perspective:

Fipronil is a pesticide that according to the Journal of Pesticide Reform, Spring 2005, Vol 1 has conclusively been shown to cause an increase in aggression, kidney damage and caused changes to the thyroid gland. Why is this chemical worth talking about? Fipronil is the active ingredient in Frontline Top Spot. Virginia Dobozy, a veterinarian at the United States EPA has stated that products with Fipronil as the active ingredient have produced malignant and benign tumors in laboratory tests.

What alternatives are out there? First, dogs are getting ticks in the yards, are you treating your yard? And if so, are you using organic certified tick products? There is a difference between all natural and organic certified. next, are you actively removing ticks from your dog and checking them after every single walk? You should be. Finally, there are products recommended through Whole Dog Journal which are available locally at places like Earth Animal in Westport and other pet retailers which can be sprayed on your dog and are organic.

It’s important to constantly question not only what we put in and on our bodies, but in and on the bodies of our animals.

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