How to: Grow Your Own Herbs

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11 June 2013
Flowers and Plants

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I secretly dream that one day not only is Ina Garten going to invite me for lunch (Ina if you’re reading this, I’m up for the drive!) but that I’ll get invited to walk through her amazing herb garden.

Ina was my inspiration when I began my massive herb garden four years ago. While reading her books and watching her shows, I realized quickly that the flavors really were better when I spent the extra effort and money on fresh herbs. When a recipe called for 1/2 cup of 4 different herbs that quickly went from an easy meal to a drama of hoping my farmers market had that quantity in organic. Finally, that same meal went from something I considered trying to something I now wondered if I should brave since the herbs alone cost $20.

Four years later, some trial and error, I simply walk to the deck or garden in spring/summer or into my sunroom in fall/winter when I want something fresh, snippers in hand and take what I need. Simple, fresh and at my finger tips.

Here’s how to tackle it:

  • Consider what herbs you currently use in your cooking. That’s what you should grow.
  • Do you have the right light to grow the herb in? (Hint: they grow in almost any light)
  • Release the black cloud of doubt in your mind that you have a black thumb. You don’t, herb plants are forgiving.
  • What herbs are companions to things you already grow? For example: Basil is the natural friend of tomatoes, read more about that here.
  • What pots or vessels do you have on hand that can be turned into containers? Herbs do just as well in soil as a rule of thumb as they do in the ground. Apartment dwellers and land barons rejoice-you can both grow herbs!

The photo for this article is an amazing and clever example of what a man did with an old wagon wheel. Anything is possible.

Want more information on specific herbs and how to use them and grow them? Check back, they are on the way!

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