How Much Light is the Right Light?

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26 March 2013
Lawn Care

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How much light is the “right” amount of light for your plants and seedlings? Although all seed packages and plants sold in the US are required to have either the full sun symbol (a yellow sun), a partial sun/shade symbol (half black and half yellow sun) or a black sun, what does that really mean?

These symbols refer to the amount of light that the plant should get, and I stress should. We all have heard enough stories and planted enough things in our respective garden to know that sometimes plants will tolerate more or less, but we’re talking ideal here.

Full sun is defined as 5 hours of direct sun per day.

Partial shade is defined as 2-5 hours of direct sun, or all-day dappled sun (sunlight shining through open trees).

Full shade is defined as less than two hours of direct sun per day.

Today is the perfect day to take the seedlings that you have and move them closer to the sunny windows. Although nothing is ready to be outdoors just yet, overhead bulbs are never a replacement for the real deal that is pouring into all of our windows today.

Chat me below! What seedlings do you have growing?

Wonder what seeds you can plant? Check out my article on hardiness zones here.

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