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21 December 2012

Despite this being the busiest time of year, today I pulled our crews off the roads and sent them home. I am a parent, friend and neighbor before I am an entrepreneur. Off the road to give emergency personal the opportunity to get around our trucks more easily, sent our crews home to give them a chance to be glued to the television or radio as I was and still am, time for my employees to pick up their children from school and hug them – and most importantly, time for employees to be human and support their neighbors and friends.

As a parent of twin kindergarten age children I know that nothing will ever come before my children, I am blessed beyond words, my children are safe and sound playing dolls while Mom works from home this afternoon. I am choking back tears as it unfolds that an entire kindergarten classroom was massacred. I am trying to be strong for the very children that I love and trying desperately to shelter them for one more day.

In the economic climate of profits before people I wanted to pause and acknowledge small business runs America, not big business. As a small business owner I choose today to have a less profitable company this year, a less profitable day, dip into my pocket to do the right thing and I lost customers as a result because I wouldn’t make my commitments. I let my employees do what they needed to do, I hazard a guess to say not many corporations gave their employees the afternoon off. I am making the tiniest of efforts to restore America back to the way business should be, based on relationships and people, not profits.

No one can possibly wrap their arms around this tragedy, it is unspeakable-my heart is broken for you, I feel guilty yet happy that my children are safe, I wish there was words I could say or actions I could take that would change this for you. This is a life changing event for the Sandy Hook community, Connecticut and the nation. Let’s use this as a reminder of what matters most. My prayers are with you.

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