23 April 2013

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Although this weed is considered particularly annoying, did you know:

  • In the 1800’s people would pull grass out to allow more room for weeds in their yards such as dandelion?
  • Dandelions have the longest flowering season of any flower
  • While open in the day, dandelions close at night
  • Every part of the dandelion can be used: food (leaves), medicine (stem), dye (yellow petals)
  • Seeds carry as far as 5 miles before they land and immediately re-root themselves
  • They love in low nitrogen grass free zones, they can be killed organically by using fertilizer rich in nitrogen.  Nitrogen rich fertilizers  are organic in nature.
  • When dandelions begin to flower, the nectar and pollen for the bees is available and we know that honey bee season is close!

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