Ceiling Fan Cooling Tips

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16 July 2013


Did you recall to reset the direction of your ceiling fan for summer? Heat rises and it may seem counter-intuitive to set the fan to have the air pushing down on you, but that is in fact the right way to cool off in summer. Counterclockwise produces that pleasant summer breeze we crave.

Do you run ceiling fans even when you are not in the room? Studies show that there is not much cost benefit to doing that, ceiling fans cool people by air rushing across their bodies not by making cold air themselves which would be how the room would cool down. Evaporative cooling is the phenomenon that takes place when a liquid evaporates off your skin making you cooler when the ceiling fan runs but does nothing for the home coolness level/temperature. Note too ceiling fans although only slightly do warm the room temperature from their motor.

The old wives tale about light bulbs heating up a room-or the advise of sitting in a dark room-only holds true if you are using incandescent light bulbs. They can create up to 75% more heat (source: GE) than compact flourescents or LED lights. Not only save money on your bill, reduce the degrees in your home.

Even with ceiling fans, without air conditioning on the dogs days of summer, seek out a cooling center.

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