23 April 2013

Dandelion 101

Although this weed is considered particularly annoying, did you know: In the 1800’s people would pull grass out to allow more room for weeds in their yards such as dandelion? Dandelions have the longest flowering season of any flower While open in the day, dandelions close at night Every part of the dandelion can be […]

17 April 2013

Let’s Talk Trees: Trees 101

Did you ever wonder what it took to get a tree from point A to B? What did that tree go through to get to the store that you are buying it from? What’s its survival chance? Think you have a black thumb? Or were you handicapped through your purchase and you really have a […]

26 March 2013
Lawn Care

How Much Light is the Right Light?

How much light is the “right” amount of light for your plants and seedlings? Although all seed packages and plants sold in the US are required to have either the full sun symbol (a yellow sun), a partial sun/shade symbol (half black and half yellow sun) or a black sun, what does that really mean? […]

GreenSprays Helps Get Rid of Pests Organically

Spring has sprung. Many look forward to the warmer weather in store even if it means mosquitoes and other nuisance pests will return with it. Founded in 2012, a Fairfield County-based company seeks to help homeowners rid themselves of those pests on their properties while helping turn their lawns into something of which to be […]

12 March 2013

Get Your Spring Planters Done – It’s 50 Degrees

It finally has hit 50 degrees, use today to get your spring planters ready! Although there isn’t too much we in Connecticut can do right now in our gardens, we can be plotting out what containers we can place out come spring-that’s soon! With a tiny amount of planning, you can be one of the […]

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