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17 July 2013
Lawn Care

How to Water Your Yard in 90°+ Heat

Does this topic seem like the most basic of ideas? Obviously you should just turn on your sprinkler and let it rip right? WRONG! During the dog days of summer (90+ degree days) you need to water slowly and steadily to avoid water run off. How do you do this? Find a shot glass and […]

3 July 2013

Lawn Turning Red?

You’ve… Watered = check Used sharp blades to cut your turf = check Set your mower deck to 3 inches = check Not cutting off more than 1/3 of the blade when you mow = check Fertilizing = check (more below) And you still have an odd thing happening in your lawn where it seems […]

27 June 2013
Lawn Care

2 Magic Lawn Numbers

Is your grass showing signs of stress after this small patch of heat? Yes? It’s time to check your mower deck. Did you know most decks offers a range of adjustments from 1 inch (think crew cut) to 3 inches (think lush August National golf course). Set your mower deck or ask your lawncare professional […]

23 June 2013
Lawn Care

The Danger of Mulch Fires

“Only you can prevent forest fires”…if you’re a child of the 70s or 80s you’ve heard this a million times from Smokey the Bear, but what about mulch fires? Mulch fires begin due to dry days, lack of water and spontaneous combustion. As the mulch is laying on your landscaped area with the sun beating down […]

5 May 2013
Lawn Care

Garden Does Corn Gluten Meal & Weed Control Work?

Every time I open a gardening magazine, I find yet another “miracle” formula which is supposed to keep weeds at bay. All the rage now is to talk about corn gluten meal, but does it work? Or is the claim that corn gluten meal (CGM) is an effective organic herbicide false? First, what does corn […]

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