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9 April 2013
Flowers and Plants

Watering Houseplants with Ice Cubes?

Why to NOT water your houseplants including orchids with ice cubes: #1 Ice cubes cost money to make, stop wasting fossil fuels! #2 If your house is above 32 degrees the ice will melt in a few hours, are you that pressed for time that your plants can’t be watered once a week? #3 You […]

12 March 2013

Get Your Spring Planters Done – It’s 50 Degrees

It finally has hit 50 degrees, use today to get your spring planters ready! Although there isn’t too much we in Connecticut can do right now in our gardens, we can be plotting out what containers we can place out come spring-that’s soon! With a tiny amount of planning, you can be one of the […]

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