15 October 2013

How Many Deer Do I See?

Through the fall foliage you can always see white tail deer if you’re in Connecticut…ever wonder how many you have? Here is an example for the town of Westport, courtesy of QDMA (Quality Deer Management). If you visit their website, you can find an interactive map that lets you know the 2013 numbers by the square mile. […]

GreenSprays Helps Get Rid of Pests Organically

Spring has sprung. Many look forward to the warmer weather in store even if it means mosquitoes and other nuisance pests will return with it. Founded in 2012, a Fairfield County-based company seeks to help homeowners rid themselves of those pests on their properties while helping turn their lawns into something of which to be […]

15 March 2013

The Deer Are Out, Tips to Keep Them Away

This pop of heat isn’t just allowing everyone outside for a fast leg stretch, it’s waking up the plants and the wildlife too! Deer are out and about, here’s things to consider to keep them off your property. Why am I seeing so many deer? The deciduous trees (trees with leaves like Oak as opposed […]

6 December 2012

Tips to Keep Deer Away

Leaves are falling off of the deciduous trees and food is becoming more spare for the deer. Instead of feasting in the woods it draws them onto people’s properties to forage for food. Well cared for and fertilized plants are prime food for deer, think filet mignon with a nice cognac sauce. Did you know […]

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