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26 May 2013


Saturday (weather permitting) kicks off parades in droves for the next 3 days. After you apply sunscreen, pack up the car and get your gang together, please tuck a few extra dollars in your pocket to support your local not-for-profit bake sales, which explode this time of year.

Many schools and organizations can not keep their doors open without local support.

Step up, pay that $1.50 for cookies with a smile and let them keep the change. In the spirit of appreciating what others have given in the past, remember to do your tiny part this weekend.

I’m baking tomorrow morning to donate to my local nursery school’s bake sale. 6 dozen cookies, 4 cakes and fancy chocolate covered pretzels are on my to do list. Interested in buying them? Hit up the OCC Nursery School Bake Sale on the Orange town green Sunday during the parade.

Your turn to share:

What are you baking? What local places are you buying ingredients at?

Hosting a bake sale? Post it below!

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