20 June 2013
Flowers and Plants

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Do you call it Oregano? Or Wild Marjoram? Either way, we’re talking about the plant most often used in Italian cuisine!

All about Oregano:

  • Make room in your gardens or grow it in a pot, oregano doesn’t mind.
  • Ideally it would love to have full sun, but partial sun is fine too.
  • Oregano is a perennial meaning it’s an economical one time investment plant. At $4 per plant at most local nurseries, why buy it dried?
  • Oregano is an invasive herb-1 plant will do you! The shrubby nature of the plant and the massive underground root system produced will grow to any open places you have.
  • There is nothing like fresh oregano which can be 2 times as strong as dried, if you’re new to fresh oregano, use a gentle hand when adding the herb.
  • Oregano can be dried and stored for use over the winter, or picked from the stems and frozen.
  • Similar to thyme, oregano has a peppery flavor.
  • Ancient Greeks believed if you anoint yourself with fresh oregano, you will dream of your future partner/spouse.

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