All About Acorns (Part 2)

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28 September 2013
Flowers and Plants

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As you’re getting your lawn in shape, if you have oak trees in the yard, then they’re dulling your blades from chopping through acorns.

Did you know:

  • Acorns are in fact the seeds of the oak trees and therefore only come from the female trees.
  • It’s extremely difficult to grow an oak from an acorn since they are fickle. It’s a better bet to cut a branch and make a seedling if you desire another oak tree.
  • Acorns fall from female oak trees and begin to fall and/or produce them between the age of 20 and 50 years.
  • An old tree in excess of 70 years old is thought to drop more than 2000 acorns in a season!
  • It’s not your imagination, squirrels actually do throw acorns more than 100 feet down onto the ground in an attempt to break open the shell.
  • Oaks are  a “masting” species. That means some years the oak may not produce acorns but in other years you’ll see a bumper crop. Bumper crops from 70+ year old trees have recorded in excess of 7000 acorns!
  • Red and black acorns are higher in fat although less enjoyed by humans. Squirrels store these for the winter and enjoy the white acorns immediately.

Stacy Skoldberg is managing partner of GreenSprays an organic lawncare and tree company. She may be reached at, 203-916-3666 and followed on Twitter @greenspraysllc or on Facebook: GreenSprays.

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