2013 July

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17 July 2013
Lawn Care

How to Water Your Yard in 90°+ Heat

Does this topic seem like the most basic of ideas? Obviously you should just turn on your sprinkler and let it rip right? WRONG! During the dog days of summer (90+ degree days) you need to water slowly and steadily to avoid water run off. How do you do this? Find a shot glass and […]

16 July 2013

Ceiling Fan Cooling Tips

Did you recall to reset the direction of your ceiling fan for summer? Heat rises and it may seem counter-intuitive to set the fan to have the air pushing down on you, but that is in fact the right way to cool off in summer. Counterclockwise produces that pleasant summer breeze we crave. Do you run […]

15 July 2013

Time to Prepare for Hurricane Season

It’s hard to believe while it’s 90+ degrees and sticky outside that we need to think about being prepared for hurricane season. Are you the neighbor that is prepared? or are you depending on others? Go through the below checklist and find out! How will you know a hurricane is coming? Do you follow WXedge […]

11 July 2013

Why spray for ticks in the summer?

It’s general knowledge that Lyme Disease originated in Lyme, Connecticut. Did you also know that Fairfield county ranks second in the state for cases of reported Lyme Disease? It’s common knowledge that spring is the highest bite risk as nymphs seek blood meals to turn into adults. Why then in summer are people spraying their […]

3 July 2013

Lawn Turning Red?

You’ve… Watered = check Used sharp blades to cut your turf = check Set your mower deck to 3 inches = check Not cutting off more than 1/3 of the blade when you mow = check Fertilizing = check (more below) And you still have an odd thing happening in your lawn where it seems […]

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