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15 October 2013

How Many Deer Do I See?

Through the fall foliage you can always see white tail deer if you’re in Connecticut…ever wonder how many you have? Here is an example for the town of Westport, courtesy of QDMA (Quality Deer Management). If you visit their website, you can find an interactive map that lets you know the 2013 numbers by the square mile. […]

28 September 2013
Flowers and Plants

All About Acorns (Part 2)

As you’re getting your lawn in shape, if you have oak trees in the yard, then they’re dulling your blades from chopping through acorns. Did you know: Acorns are in fact the seeds of the oak trees and therefore only come from the female trees. It’s extremely difficult to grow an oak from an acorn […]

26 September 2013
Flowers and Plants

All About Acorns for Kids

How do you keep kids engaged in outdoor activities around the yard or on nature walks? Always have some fun facts and tricks at the ready! Fun facts and even a magic trick for kids: There are 25 types of acorns in Connecticut. Each one is unique to the type of oak trees that it […]

23 September 2013

Grubs – What Can You Do About Them?

Do you ever wonder how Google can track what millions of people are searching for? Me too and I’ll leave that to the Google people to explain. What I do know is that now is the time of year when home owners are trying to take a slight break from the weekly lawn maintenance. While […]

19 September 2013
Flowers and Plants

All About Mums

Who can resist picking up a new plant or two when they visit a farm stand or even the big box stores? Who doesn’t enjoy getting a new plant as a gift when friends or family come to visit? Whether you prefer blooms of deep red, orange, yellow, white and purple, mums are an excellent […]

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