2013: Year of the Mosquitoes

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11 June 2013

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All the rain that we’ve been having combined with high humidity days makes for happy mosquitoes!

The baseline to understanding the bug and what can and cannot be done:

#1 Understand that mosquito eradication does not exist. Anyone promising to eliminate all mosquitoes is lying. The EPA had proposed to eliminate the use of temephos in 2008 but the need for mosquito control is great therefore it is now not planned to be phased out until December 2015.

#2 Mosquitoes may travel several miles as adults, any management efforts may provide only temporary control. That means if you do spray your property, be realistic with the expectations that unless everyone around you sprays, you are fighting an impossible battle!

#3 Pest management begins with you, effective mosquito control is often community-based. Everyone needs to spray, reduce standing water and remove things that attract mosquitoes. Did you know that CT had to develop a tire removal program after it was determined that excessive mosquitoes were being breed in spare tires left rotting on roadways and on properties? It accounted for 80% of breeding!

#4 Larvacide (most products) is directed at getting rid of the eggs and not the adult flying bugs. Botanical oils which may be sprayed reduce the number of mosquito larvae that can hatch. Oils and films disperse as a thin layer on the surface of the water which cause larvae and pupae to drown.

#5 Other technical chemicals exist which kill the adults that are flying. A state of CT licensed applicator is required to apply these products.

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