2 Magic Lawn Numbers

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27 June 2013
Lawn Care

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Is your grass showing signs of stress after this small patch of heat? Yes? It’s time to check your mower deck. Did you know most decks offers a range of adjustments from 1 inch (think crew cut) to 3 inches (think lush August National golf course). Set your mower deck or ask your lawncare professional to adjust the deck height. Immediately you’ll notice a better looking less stressed lawn.

Now that you know the first magic number for lawns is 3 (inches), let’s discuss the next number, and that is 1/3 (one third). Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade at any given times. Cutting more than that amount cuts into the shaft of the blade and will cause immediate nutrient loss.

Why spend all the time, money and natural resources to grow a lovely turf area for your family and pets to enjoy, only to make a simple mis-step and ruin it all.

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