• Lone star tick population increasing, expanding in Connecticut

    Lone star tick population increasing, expanding in Connecticut

    Population Increase!

    The lone star tick has been spotted in Norwalk and Fairfield in previous years, but this year, researchers noticed an increasing population in New Haven County.

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    Population Increase!
  • Officials confirm state's first exotic tick bite

    Officials confirm state's first exotic tick bite

    Tick Bite!

    There are new growing concerns over the state's tick population as officials confirm the first exotic tick bite.

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    Tick Bite!
  • Spreading Scourge

    Tick Attack!

    US invaded by savage tick that sucks animals dry, spawns without mating. Eight states reporting the little suckers. No evidence they're carrying disease—yet.

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    Tick Attack!
  • Ladybuga on green leaves

    Organic & Traditional Horticultural Sprays


    USDA Organic Certified Tick Sprays. GreenSprays™ is where
    WE KILL TICKS... Organically!

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  • tick sign eliminate

    Kill ticks organically! Protect your family and pets!

    Tick Sprays

    Killing ticks organically is within your financial reach! This NON-TOXIC, KID SAFE formula reduces the overall tick population.

    Tick Sprays
    Tick Sprays
  • we kill ticks organically

    Reduce the risk of Lyme Disease!

    GreenSprays™ Tick Tubes®

    GreenSprays™ Tick Tubes® reduce the risk of Lyme Disease by using mice as “couriers” to kill disease carrying deer ticks.

    GreenSprays™ Tick Tubes®
    GreenSprays™ Tick Tubes®
  • mosquitos and bugs

    Be bug free!

    Mosquitos and Bugs

    With 48 hours notice we will give you the bug free conditions you desire.

    Mosquitos and Bugs
    Mosquitos and Bugs

Why choose our products and services?

Kill Ticks... Organically!

Products: Why wait 24 hours to enjoy your lawn, garden and yard after an application? Our ORGANIC CERTIFIED tick control products are safe as soon as 15 minutes of our departure!

Service: Our products are applied by a CT licensed arborist with over 17 years industry experience. We spray Monday through Friday weather permitting during normal business hours. When you have a question, our office staff is happy to make calling GreenSprays™ a great day for you!

Friends & Family Referral Rewards

With Friends & Family Referral Rewards, not only can your friends & family benefit from healthy solution to ticks but you can earn money through our referral rewards plan. Earn $25 off your next application for each new person who signs up based on your referral! Stack enough referrals and your next service could be FREE!


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We service ONLY the following towns in CT:

Bethany, Darien, Easton, Fairfield, Greenwich, Milford, New Canaan, Norwalk, Orange, Redding, Ridgefield, Rowayton, Stamford, Tokenke, Weston, Westport, Wilton, and Woodbridge.
Kid and Pet Safe

GreenSprays™ Products

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ALL GreenSprays™ products are derived from organic sources which are considered environmentally friendly and cause less harm to human and animal health, and to habitats and the ecosystem.

Social Responsibility

feeding america logo
GreenSprays™ supports Feeding America through their virtual drive. Every $1 provides eight meals to children in America. Add $1 to your service when you book or visit Feeding America to donate directly. Our 2013 goal is $5000 or 40,000 meals! Let no child be hungry!

GreenSprays™ Supports the USA

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We drive American vehicles , buy American products and handle 100% of our back office operations in the USA. And what about our products? Those are made in the United States of America too!

What Our Clients Have To Say

  • I loved my experience with GreenSprays. Having a young baby, GreenSprays gives me such peace of mind knowing that I'm doing everything to keep him safe from ticks. They are courteous, fast working, and honest people and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone! The application was done quickly and thoroughly and best of all- it isn't harmful for anyone to breathe in. Thanks GreenSprays!

    Daina S.

  • Amazing customer service, fast responses from Frank and his staff, superior tick and mosquito control. Last summer we were infested with dog ticks and as soon as I spoke to Frank, he eased my mind about spraying (we have two young children) and was out almost immediately. He talked to us about things that may be bringing them in besides the unseasonably warm weather. We have never had a better summer with the all-natural mosquito spray, too! And he didn't try to over-sell us on extra sprays. We will use them every year!

    Danielle V.

  • With two toddlers and a large golden retriever my husband and I were desperate to find a safe way to get rid of ticks - GreenSprays did an incredible job spraying all the way up our very tall pine trees and we were tick free without compromising the safety of our little ones! Thank you - looking forward to this year's spray.

    Silvia A.

  • Always great service. Have never seen a tick on my dogs!

    Lisa M.

  • Good customer service and very knowledgeable! We continue to sign up year after year to have our property serviced.

    Adrian L.

  • Very pleased. They came 5 weeks ago to lay down my 1st of 3 tick applications. They explained everything that was getting done and they were very careful with the applications around my kids' swing set, as I asked. Still no ticks 5 weeks later! Thanks for the service!

    Tom C.

  • They came to my summer home in Redding, CT where usually there are so many ticks because of the near by bogs. This year I decided to try something different and use a service to eradicate the ticks before they get out of control again. By now I would have scene dozens of ticks and had several on my dog and some on myself even. I have not noticed any ticks whatsoever, and I have been looking. This is the first time since I owned my house (6 years) I can actually feel comfortable going outside with my family and dog. Loving what I am seeing...

    Michael T. - Redding, CT

  • I can't say enough about GreenSprays...my friend's dogs always come by so they can run around my yard. And after the GreenSprays crew did their thing... awesome no ticks & lots of happy puppies. Thank you Frank & crew for your professionalism, courtesy & prompt service. You are number 1 in my book.

    Susan V.

  • GreenSprays™ was wonderful. They came quickly to spray my property. Frank was very nice and rang the doorbell to notify me that he was here. Since the property has been sprayed, I have not seen any ticks. We love the fact that this is an organic spray, no chemicals, and well worth the cost.

    Danielle – Orange, CT

  • Last year I moved to Westport. It was mid spring and it was already getting warm. Mosquitoes and ticks were our main concern for the health of our family. Using Greensprays gave us the confidence to roam our yard free of the conventional pesticides and of course ticks and Mosquitoes! Sitting outside all summer long was a pleasure knowing we were protected! Thank you Geensprays for your professional application and to Frank for being courteous and always protecting our family!

    Missy T – Westport

  • We had our first GreenSprays Organic Tick treatment done to our yard this spring, and we are very pleased. We have 1 acre of land that is a main deer crossing area. We had found a larger than usual amount of deer ticks in our yard this year. Because I have two little ones (ages 4 and 2) I was very concerned about using chemicals that could harm them, me and my husband, our pet, and our organic garden. I was very pleased to find this company and that they only use organic solutions. After our spay, we haven't seen a single tick. Stacy and her team were fantastic to work with. Pricing is very reasonable too. I highly recommend them!

    Kimberly – Orange, CT

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